On 08-11-11, Efren Hernandez was reported as a missing person to the Grandview Police Dept. Family members reported that Hernandez was returning from Mexico and was scheduled to arrive in CA on 08-04-11. It was reported that Hernandez was scheduled to depart from Huntington Park CA on 08-04-11 arriving in Grandview on 08-05-11.

It is believed that Hernandez arrived in Huntington Park CA but his whereabouts are unknown. It’s undetermined if Hernandez ever arrived in Grandview or if he is stranded in another city or state.

Hernandez is a 78 year-old Hispanic male, 4’11” tall, 145 lbs, Brown eyes and black with grey hair.

Please contact the Grandview Police Department at (509) 882-2000 if you have seen or have any information that would assist in locating Efren Hernandez.
Based on a recent tip received by the public, it is believed that Hernandez did arrive in Grandview on August 5th. It was reported that Hernandez appeared to be in good shape but somewhat confused as to where he lived. It’s believed that Hernandez might still be in the area searching for his family.