It won't be long now before the final decisions are made as to how we are going to teach our kids this fall.  Some say on-line only is the only safe way to protect kids, teachers, bus drivers and staff. Others point to all the health and social problems associated with kids being isolated - away from friends and the caring eyes of teachers watching over kid's mental health, physical condition and academic progress.
Those making the call here in the Yakima Valley will have some additional data to consider as they finalize the plans.  So far the numbers show that almost no children have died because of the Coronavirus.  Yakima County statistics from Sunday afternoon 8/2/20 show there have been 1,397 confirmed cases in the 0 to 19 age group. That represents about 13% of the total number of cases but there have been ZERO deaths in that age group so far.  Nationwide the CDC report the 0 to 17 age group represent 0.1% of COVID-19 deaths.
Those are the numbers the "open Schools now" people point to, but FOX News reports on some research published in the Journal JAMA Pediatrics, shows younger kids can be a ticking time bomb of the virus.

Before the pandemic, kids were known for spreading viruses around, but a new study finds that children under age five may harbor up to 100 times as much of the Coronavirus in their noses and throats as infected adults and older children.

Researchers warn that young kids can potentially be important drivers for the spread  of SARS-CoV-2 in the general population.

The findings disprove previous beliefs that children don’t play a major role in transmitting the Coronavirus.  And just like so many other COVID considerations, what we knew in one moment, is gone in the next.

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