Many people are still hoping to gain unemployment benefits but they're being frustrated by not being able to get any answers from the Washington State Employment Security Department. 14th District State Representative Gina Mosbrucker says she's helping people in the district get the help they need. She's urging people to call for help. She can be reached through her Olympia office: (360) 786-7856. Her official cell number is 509-439-7426. Email is and her website is:].
During the week of April 26-May 2, there were 100,762 initial and 1,086,031 total claims for unemployment benefits filed by Washingtonians, according to the Department (ESD).
ESD paid out over $639 million (a decrease of $347 million from the previous week) to a total of 504,139 individuals (a decrease of 134 from the previous week). Approximately one-third of the $639 million paid out last week were paid with state unemployment trust funds vs two-third from federal funds.

Mosbrucker and Rep. Chris Corry held a telephone town hall on Tuesday and asked people two survey questions. The first question; Should we reopen the state’s economy with best practices for COVID-19 - 60.8% said yes. 29.8% said we should continue with the governor’s restrictions.
The second survey question - 58.5% think the governor’s response to COVID-19 is too restrictive; 36.9 % says his response is appropriate; 2.3 % say it doesn’t go far enough.

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