Big Tech Leaders came to Congress the other day to face the music about access, liability and more.  Congressman Jim Jordan and other Republicans were very concerned about the silencing and elimination of Conservatives and the Conservative philosophy for the big international platforms.

The tech giants claim they are just the middlemen,, passing along creator's content without any editorial position or influence.  As long as that's true they are protected from lawsuits over the nature of the content.

BUT the minute they exercise any kind of editorial control, restrictions, access, etc.  they should be considered content providers and thus be in line for all the potential legal entanglements that comes with making decisions as to what goes on line.

In researching the details of that story we stumbled upon this.  Some quick and clever editing, combined by one of the great hard driving Rock and Roll songs of all time.

Here's what happens when the "leader of the free world" teams up with Angus, Brian and the boys from down under - AC/DC's Thrunderstruck 2020!  Enjoy!

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