The internet has so many questions of a TikToker recently revealed a potentially disturbing room she found hidden behind her bathroom's medicine cabinet.

Where To Find The Home's Hidden Room

TikTok user @bigbrah1 shared her journey into the room in a recent video that has now been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

"What do I do?" she asked in the post.

The video starts with the door opening on a medicine cabinet embedded in bathroom wall. A second door is visible in the back of the cabinet.

A quick push of the door reveals a hidden room complete with pink walls, handprints and a sign that says "love shack." The homeowner also noted the door locks from the inside making it possible to hide in the secret room without anyone finding you.

"It was either a fun little hideout, or the creepiest thing ever," Gracie Duplantis commented on the video.

How To Enter The Hidden Room

The homeowner showed how to enter the hidden room, later revealed to be in the home's basement, in a follow-up video shared to TikTok.

To enter, you must use the basement bathroom's toilet as a step ladder to get up to the opening in the wall. Once you are at eye-level with the secret door, you can then step up on the sink to crawl into the room.

"The hardest part, honestly, is just getting out," the TikToker says showing how she exits the hidden room.

While there is a good chance the room was used a play area for children, the homeowner has no desire to make it a livable area of the residence. The space is now being used as a storage area for totes.

"It's much less creepy," she says in her update.

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