The Olympics is a great thing for our country and a fun thing to be a part of.

Athletes all over the world compete to represent their country.

And when it comes to winning gold medals at the Olympics, nobody does it better than the good ol' U S of A with an astonishing 2,635 gold medals. If there was an award for countries with the most medals, the United States would be first place.

Yes, USA would win gold for having the most gold. And I think we should, but still.

It got me thinking of the local Olympiads we have around here which further posed the question...

How many times did someone from Washington State win gold in the Olympics?

The Sports Geek did the research so you wouldn't have to.

More many most of states, that's the good news.

We have 13 gold medals which puts us in 18th place.

Megan Quann WA
Getty Images

First place states with the most medals goes to California with a whopping 127 medals

Way more than 2nd place New York with 70. Still, not bad, NY!

Ohio made 3rd place with 4th being Illinois then surprisingly Texas came in 5th place. I would have thought Texas would be higher on the list but here we are.

Then there are places like North Dakota and New Hampshire that have zero. As of this time, no athletes from those states have won gold for the United States. Hopefully we can change that soon.

The summer games are coming later this year. It's always a fun time and we'll see how many more times we can bring home the gold.

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