Let's see if I can paint this picture has it's happened to many in the past. Your friends invite you for Indian cuisine but you're not sure what to order. All you know is that movies and tv shows have always showcases Indian-style curries has super hot, very colorful and you get an abundance of it. Well, it is colorful and you get more than enough most of the time but hot is depending on your spice order as most places you can choose if you want it less spicy or more spicy. It's a nice kick. But once you agree, what should you order?

My pick is the butter chicken. Nice and simple and full of flavor.

There are other favorites like tandoori chicken which looks like red baked chicken because that's exactly what it is. It's also amazing. That would be almost too safe. That's like going to try sushi for the first time and having nothing but California rolls. Yes, it fits but there's so much more out there.

Butter chicken is a nice introduction to Indian food for several reasons.

It's delicious, in my opinion. Chunks of chicken in a sauce made of spices, tomato and more including butter (of course). When you walk into an Indian restaurant and it smells amazing, which it will, this is probably the flavor you're looking for.

Goes fantastic with jasmine rice and naan which is the flat bread it's often served with.

If you're at an Indian restaurant, when in doubt, get the butter chicken.

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