As the weather gets nicer, more and more outdoor activities are going to be popping up! Soon the time change will take place and give us even more sunshine and daytime to enjoy. But what will there be to do? Well, your imagination is your limit, but for those of us who just like to kick back and enjoy some tunes outdoors, Yakima Parks has you covered… well, they will, with some help!

In a social media post on their Facebook page, Yakima Parks is looking for bands to help rock out the 2023 Franklin Park Summer Sunset Concert Series. This series of concerts will be happening on Friday evenings starting in July. (Check out the full post below).

Call for Bands! We are seeking local bands to perform for our 2023 Franklin Park Summer Sunset Concert Series scheduled for Friday evenings, July 7-August 13. Our goal is to offer a different vibe for each concert, and the selection of bands is based on that philosophy.
- Yakima Parks

If you or your band is interested, you’re encouraged to email to get an application or head to Don’t hesitate; applications need to be in by March 15th to be considered.

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