I now have a new bucket list! To Race in the T-Rex 100! I am trying to figure out how I missed something this awesome! Apparently twice! In August of 2022, The T-Rex Race made its return to the Emerald Downs Race Track in Auburn, Washington.

TriGuard Pest Control put on the race with over 150 participants. All dressed up in their best dress T-Rex inflatable costumes. The race was broken up into two categories, with adults and kids. The Winner for the adults was a T-Rex whose human name is Logan Kludsikofsky from Auburn, Wa. In the kid’s category, T-Rex Sebastian Davis (age 13), whose fossils originate from Silverdale, Washington, came in first, with T-Rex Hadley Lindsay (age 14) from Eugene, Oregon coming in 2nd place with a photo finish!

The first T-Rex Race took place at Emerald Downs Race Track in 2019, and the video of it went viral. I’m unsure if this will be an ongoing tradition and become an annual race or just a special event, but it would be awesome if you could enjoy it every year!

The conditions for entering the race were pretty simple. You must have your own T-Rex costume, which matches the rest of them (which is the typical costume design). We’ll keep an eye open for a 2023 T-Rex Race, and I’m sure when it’s announced, they’ll have details on how to enter on the Emerald Downs Website.

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