Shoplifting or assault on a customer? What do you think is worse? Depending on who you ask and how bad the assault is, the answers will vary. What is being shoplifted could also be up for debate. In the video that was recorded earlier this month, I'm going to lean in favor of the side of the store worker.

The video was captured in a craft store in Beaverton, Oregon, and uploaded to the net. There it made its rounds on social media and even on Inside Edition. The TikTok capture has gathered over 10 thousand views (just from the melliemel2525 account alone). With hashtags like #hero #getajob #nottoday, it seems like more people are siding with the store worker as well.

In my time working retail, I was told never to confront a shoplifter, and I'm sure the rules have gotten more and more strict in the years since my time behind the sales counter. The reason was mainly due to employee safety, and I dealt with some shady-looking people from time to time. Watching the video (below), this appears to be a low-danger scenario, but you never know nowadays.

The video shows a craft store worker confronting a suspected shoplifter and demanding that the shopper empty her bag. She starts to, then decides to leave. That's when the worker determines that enough is enough and grabs the shoplifter by the jacket and bag, forcing her to empty it all out, and there was a lot!


Shoplifting is a problem in Portland. You know it's really bad when Walmart pulls out of town, citing theft! It's one thing if your stealing food from a big box store. That is wrong, but that gets into a grey area morally for me. I've never heard of anyone starving from not having craft supplies. So in my opinion, good for the store worker. Like the video above comments, "Give her a raise!"

The video was even broadcast on Inside Edition and mentioned steps one mayor is taking to help combat theft in stores. Check that video out below.


What do you think? Should the store worker get into trouble or face legal action for assault? Should the shoplifter get fined or go to jail or just permanently ban from the store? Did anyone learn any lessons? Tap the App and tell us your 2 cents.

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