Time to close the page on another 'floppy' (a floppy is a slang term used for a single issue of a comic book) and stash our adventure in the the 'long box' (a long box is a box that's long that stores floppies) of history. Free Comic Book Day has come, and was a bittersweet one, at least for myself.

A little recap on Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Book Day happens the first Saturday in May and has been going strong since 2002. It's a way to help introduce new readers to the joys of comics. In a world that we've been living in, the last 10 plus years, dominated by Superhero movies, those ideas and inspirations came from somewhere. The most popular heroes of the world, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Iron Man, all were created in Comic Books.


Now before you think that they are just for kids, as you can tell from the picture above and below, the love of this media knows know age limits. Between stories and art, whatever your interest, there is a book for it. Western, War, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Historical, Religious, men bitten by radioactive spiders, yup, there's a book for that too (several in fact). There are more than 2,300 book outlet stores that participate in this free & fun day! (Read more about Free Comic Book Day HERE).

Free Comic Book Day 2023.

As I mentioned above, this year, was a little bittersweet. In our valley, we have a handful of shops that participate every year. Two (possibly 3) in the Tri-Cities, one in Ellensburg, and one in Yakima. I went to Ron's Coin & Collectables, had a great time. Staff is always pleasant and helpful, many people there, and I ran into a few friends. They limited the free books someone could get to 4, and I brought my wife (life hack for more comics) so I was all set. With over so many different titles to choose from (over 30 different titles this year) and offerings from years past, back up for grabs, I got my fill.


Later in the day, my friend and I traveled up to Ellensburg to hit up Central City Comics. We got there, and there was a note on the door of the family owned shop, announcing how it was closed due to a family emergency. As much of a bummer as that is, family does come first, and I hope everything and everyone is okay for the store's owner and family.

Central City Comics, Ellensburg Washington
(Central City Comics 2021) tsm/Timmy!

Keep scrolling to check out some pictures of Free Comic Book Day 2023!

Free Comic Book Day: 2023

Here's a few pics of Free Comic Book Day 2023, taken at Ron's Coin & Collectables at 6 N 3rd St, in Yakima, Washington.

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Free Comic Book Day 2021

Check out Timmy's adventures around the Yakima Valley on his search for Free Comics on the the nerdiest of nerd holidays, Free Comic Book Day!

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