The question will be, is the legislature willing to commit to this?

ESA accounts considered by WA, Idaho, and Wyoming

According to information from the Mountain States Policy Center, The Center Square, and the Washington Policy Center, the three states have bills introduced that would create accounts parents, students and families can use for their own educational purposes.

ESA accounts became much more forefront during and after COVID when droves of parents either began to homeschool their children or enrolled them in private schools.

Washington state's bill House Bill 1615, according to The Center Square, would set aside the most funding, allowing up to $10,600 to be saved up. The Wyoming proposal would allow $6,000, the Idaho plan $5,850.

However, it depends also on how well these bills will do in their respective legislatures. Chris Cargill, says The Center Square, who used to oversee the Washington Policy Center before moving to the very similar Mountain States Policy Center, says the WA bill is not likely to pass.

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Cargill told The Center Square he's heard the WA HB 1615 is "basically dead."

This is due to the political climate in Olympia, according to Cargill. No estimates were given as to how the Wyoming or Idaho bills are expected to fare.

According to multiple sources, including, Washington state's public school enrollment figures have dropped at least 4 percent statewide since the beginning of the COVID pandemic lockdowns and school closures.

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