For every thing there is a season. The Biblical saying certainly applies to hunting in the Pacific Northwest, where each state has complex tables of dates, species, and zones to dictate when and how hunting can be done.

Despite that, there are options for year-round hunting. While Washington is very restrictive for year-round hunting, Idaho has a fair variety of hunting available (mostly small game and birds).

Oregon also has year-round hunting available for over a dozen species, listed below. This includes unprotected mammals, fur-bearing mammals, and a few larger animals.

Animals You Can Hunt Year-Round in Oregon

Sport and fur hunters who want to get out and hunt any time of the year can - with the appropriate permits - hunt a variety of small game plus a few larger game hunts. Here's the details from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Gallery Credit: Jaime Skelton

A few final, important notes: 

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