Yakima is a pet-friendly place, so I figure you may be interested that Saturday (Aug. 15) is International Homeless Animals Day.

The numbers are huge -- nearly 80 million American households own a pet. WalletHub jumped into the conversation to find which of the country’s 100 biggest cities are best for fur, fish, feather and scale.

Using more than a dozen factors like minimum pet-care provider rate per visit and the number of pet businesses per capita, all added up to show Boise was the Northwest’s best at number Nine on the list.  Portland came in at 23, Seattle at 33 and Yakima was too small of a city to make the list.   So, friend of Fido, here are the best and worst big cities for pets:


Best Cities for Pet LoversWorst Cities for Pet Lovers
1Cincinnati, OH91Philadelphia, PA
2St. Louis, MO92Jacksonville, FL
3Colorado Springs, CO93Boston, MA
4Tampa, FL94Chicago, IL
5Richmond, VA95Jersey City, NJ
6Tulsa, OK96Memphis, TN
7Las Vegas, NV97Detroit, MI
8Reno, NV98Santa Ana, CA
9Boise City, ID99New York, NY
10Madison, WI100Newark, NJ

Key Stats

  • Veterinary care costs are two times higher in Seattle than in Milwaukee.
  • Dog insurance premiums are two times higher in New York than in Detroit.
  • Orlando, Fla., has 60 times more veterinarians per 100,000 residents than Newark, N.J.
  • San Francisco has 26 times more pet businesses per 100,000 residents than Detroit.
  • Scottsdale, Ariz., has 19 times more animal shelters per 100,000 residents than Lexington, Ky.
  • San Francisco has 73 times more pet-friendly restaurants per 100,000 residents than Detroit.