This is something that has been building for some time..this did not just come out of the
blue. Those comments from Fourth District Congressman Doc Hastings referring to the government  shutdown.  Hastings tells KIT news that there are  two sticking points for the GOP.

One is that  they asked for a one year delay on the individual mandate under Obama Care and two is they asked  that members of Congress and government workers should be treated the same as every other citizen under Obama Care. However Hastings says the President and Senate  Democratic leaders refuse to negotiate.
"That's the frustration that we are having, because I'm sure that we could negotiate these differences if we could sit down and negotiate, but we are not given any signal at all from the Senate nor the President that they want to negotiate."
Hastings isn't sure how long the shutdown will last.  He did say that he will defer his
pay as long as the government shutdown last.

On another subject,  Hastings accuses the White House of playing politics when
it closed the World War ll memorial and other memorials in Washington D.C.


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