A new study says the European Union 2050 climate targets could mean eating 50 percent less beef, but the same levels of pork and chicken. A study published this month in the journal Food Policy said: “these developments could cut current food-related methane and nitrous oxide emissions by nearly 50 percent.” However, dietary changes would be necessary to meet the climate targets. If the objectives are met, a 50 percent reduction in beef consumption would be unavoidable, according to the study.

Officials of the Philippines hope to finalize a new set of genetically modified organism’s rules soon. A top court demanded an overhaul of previous regulations requiring the change. The government had hoped five ministers would sign the new rules on Wednesday, but there had only been one signature as officials were traveling. The courts in December halted the issuance of new permits for planting or importing genetically modified crops until the new rules were in place. That move jeopardized nearly one million corn farmers and buyers of GM soybean meal, the Philippines' top GMO import.