Once in a while, the social media gods send us a gift. Today, it comes courtesy of the Discovery Channel, which was just doing its Discovery Channel thing by tweeting out a little flightless Antarctic bird factoid:

The Pittsburgh Penguins, who must follow Discovery or something, sent back a mildly funny but mostly innocuous response:

Hahahaha it's because they're humans dressed up as Penguins! Anyway, nothing like a good height joke. And there's where it would've ended on most days. But apparently the actual human being running Discovery's Twitter is a Flyers fan, because BOOSH:

The Penguins, in case you didn't know, got booted from the playoffs by the Rangers last month. So yeah, no Penguins (capital P) on ice anywhere near Pittsburgh these days. Thus far, the human running the Penguins Twitter has not responded. Not a bad idea, considering what happened last time.

And in case the poor guy in charge of the Penguins' Twitter is forced to delete his above message, here's the whole exchange, preserved in glorious screen-grab form for posterity:

Penguins vs Discovery Twitter exchange


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