The owner of Yakima's Picatti Brothers says they're open for business despite a big fire that caused a $1 million in damage on Sunday. Doug Picatti tells KIT News the fire started in some pallets that were on an outside loading dock. The fire then spread to buildings that housed valuable electrical systems and panels that were either damaged by flames or by water from firefighters trying to douse the flames.
Fire investigators from the Yakima Fire Department and from the federal office of the ATF have been working on the fire shortly after it was reported early Sunday morning.
Picatti says they've been able to gather video of the alley where the fire started and investigators are hoping to gain information from the tapes to give them answers and possibly make an arrest. While no official cause has been found Picatti says he doesn't think it was an accidental fire.
He says however the fire hasn't slowed down the business. He says they're open Today using an office just down the street from their original office in the 100 block of South 3rd Avenue in Yakima.

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