The Yakima City Council will be talking about a possible lowering of the city utility tax in August.

Council member Rick Ensey wants to roll back the city utility tax from six percent to four percent to give taxpayers a break saying the economy is improving.

Sales tax revenue has been increasing and I feel it’s time to give some of that money back to taxpayers.

Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley says that the problem with that is that the tax was increased several years ago and the money was dedicated to public safety needs. He says that means the money Ensey wants to give back, about $800,000, would have to come from the general fund since utility tax money is dedicated to public safey.

When you cut $800,000 from the budget there’s going to be an impact especially if the economy goes south we’re going to have to make that up. So it’s something to consider as we look at options.

The city council is expected to talk about the proposal during the August 12 meeting at city hall.