The public will have the chance to tell city council their thoughts on a proposed smoking ban in city parks Tuesday night.

Mayor Micah Cawley says like other council members he's in favor of banning smoking during special events and he’s not for an all out ban. “I think it’s good for special events when it’s just common courtesy not to smoke around kids and families.”

A public hearing is set for 7:00 p.m. tonight at Yakima City Hall.

The council is also expected to hold a public hearing on a proposal to change the name of "A" Street to Jack Pendleton Blvd. after Yakima's only Medal Of Honor recipient. Pendleton was killed in WWII.

The request for the name change was made by the Yakima VFW and the Amerian Legion. So far the city has received three letters opposing the change and no letters of support.

The city estimates it'll cost about $6,000 to make the change to street signs in the area.