• After a heated debate between pit bull dog owners and city council members the council Tuesday voted 6-1 to keep the pit bull ban in place.

    Council member Kathy Coffee was the only member of the council to vote to drop the ban. Council members did vote to have city staff find more information about how different pit bull ordinances are working in other areas.

    The City Code Administrator Joe Caruso recommended the pit bull ban be upheld saying it is in the best interest and safety of Yakima residents.

  • The Yakima City Council passed the 2014 budget during its meeting Tuesday.

    The $206 million dollar budget is one percent larger than 2013 with no new taxes.

    The budget also includes money for more road work. This year the city worked on 28 lane miles. 92 miles will see resurfacing projects next year under the new budget.

    The city also voted to include $100,000 to help support Yakima Trolleys. The money will come from city reserves.

    The budget also includes 74 new police patrol vehicles that are arriving this month and should all be on the streets by early next year.