The talented (but politically misdirected) Bette Midler sang a great song called  Friends, which includes the verse  “And I'm standing at the end of a real long road and I'm waiting for my new friends to come. I don't care if I'm hungry or freezin' cold, I'm gonna get me some of them.”  That’s good advice for all of us according to Northwestern University researchers who suggest having the right friends is the key to happiness.

Who knew! The researchers found that choosing the right friends actually causes our brainwaves to sync with theirs.  Ok, just how does that contribute to happiness?

It means if you pick the right kind of people as friends, you'll start picking up the desirable behaviors and perspectives of those closest to you without even being conscious of it.  You get better by association.

Professor Moran Cerf  says that the people we spend time with have an impact on our engagement with reality beyond what we can explain and one of the effects is you become alike. Cerf says making certain choices in life can be difficult but becomes automatic when we become like our friends. (Daily Mail)

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