The city of Yakima plans to vacate 200 low-income residents of the Cascade and Senator Apartments in Downtown Yakima.

The buildings have many long-term, unaddressed code violations, which are unsafe for the people living in the building. It has been the scene of many fires and violence during the past few years.

City officials said they asked the manager of the building to notify the residents of the plan.
Some of the violations include a broken fire alarm system, electrical problems, holes in the floors and walls, and water pressure issues. The move is part of the city's effort to clean up the downtown area.

People living in the building said the building managers are doing what they can to maintain the place.

"I just think they are doing the very best they can, and a lot of us, we can't afford to live anywhere else," one resident said.

The building is located in the north front street historic district.

An exact vacate date has yet to be determined.