At what age does the average person start to become concerned about "cognitive functioning".  The easy answer of course is when you become President of the United States at age 78.  I kid! (or do I?)   Millions of us truly wonder about the cognitive health of Joe Biden given his choppy, wandering delivery and how little his handlers let him out in public without adult supervision.

But what can we realistically expect to happen as we age? According to Texas researchers, as reported on the the Daily Mail, "Between 20 and 25 percent of Americans aged 65 or older have mild cognitive impairment....This is a step beyond normal cognitive decline, which is to be expected with age.  As we age our brains actually 'shrink,' losing volume in certain areas. "

So what gives with that? Why does it happen and what can we do about it!  Research at this time points to...Beats Me !

Apparently scientists aren't sure why it happens, but they suspect it's somehow related to the myelin 'sheaths' that cover neurons. The neurons are the electrical system of the body and when the wires are exposed they can short circuit like physical wires and that can lead to a breakdown in thought, memory and communication.

So what can we do?  The answer--Take a Hike!  "University of Texas researchers found that middle aged and older Americans scored higher on cognitive tests and were less likely to report memory loss after getting in the habit of walking often. The participants were also found to have better blood flow in their brain, which scientists believe helps to keep brain cells fed with a steady stream of oxygen and nutrients."

We aren't talking about running a marathon here. This is frequent, regular short brisk walks that most people can easily handle with a little will power.

Another way to get the aerobic benefit is to walk up and down fact we have a short video of the President doing just that. See for yourself.  I kid!!!   (or do I)

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