The Central Washington State Fair begins it's 2012 run on Friday. What fair food are you having first?

Sweet or savory, deep fried or on a stick? Food at the Central Washington State Fair is something that a lot of people wait all year long for. As you head into the gates starting on Friday, what is the first fair food you head for? A foot long corn dog? That Harrah Half Pounder burger? Maybe a funnel cake? Fair food is unique. You can't get it anywhere else.

I always go for that foot long corn dog first. Hot from the fryer, striped with mustard. Nothing better.

Then it's a Harrah Half Pounder. Those cattlemen now how to put out a burger and it's huge.

Finally, it's gotta be the big ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. Ahhhh!

And that's just lunch!

What's the first fair food you plan on having this year?

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