Today marks the 64th annual Harrah Fall Festival. My family and I will be in the parade, and it's always a special occasion.

Ever since I purchased my 1968 Chrysler Convertible, I've entered it in the Harrah Fall Festival Parade. Having grown up in the Harrah-White Swan area, this is a homecoming for me.

I attended the parade and festival as a child, marched in it in my high school band, and now enter a vehicle in it. The Town of Harrah hasn't changed a whole lot in the last 40 years. It's still small, neighborly and maintains a "Mayberry" kind of atmosphere. I always see someone I went to school with, or knew growing up at the Fall Festival.  It always makes me feel good to be there. Not to mention all of the great homemade treats in the town park!

The Harrah Fall Festival began as the Sugar Beet Festival, as many local farmers (including my dad and uncle) grew beets for U & I Sugar. When the local sugar industry went away, the festival continued as a celebration of the harvest.

So, if you attend the Harrah Fall Festival Parade, look for the Teegarden Family in a big red convertible. We'll be there!

Finally, the two things I like most about particpating in the Fall Festival Parade.

I always get a personal note from Harrah Mayor Barbara Harrer, thanking our family for participating.

And I always get a blue ribbon!