Christmas is less than a week away, the Santa list keeps getting longer, and the checkbook balance keeps getting smaller.


I love Christmas. The whole season from Thanksgiving right through New Years. I have to admit, though, that this year the season is kind of getting away from me. It's just going by too quickly. I haven't done any shopping for anyone, except by proxy through my wife. I think I'm doomed to be one of those guys that will be out on Christmas Eve, looking for anything to get under the tree.

My two elementary schoolers, ages 10 and 6, are amazing. I have them both convinced that Santa has cameras located in the smoke detectors in our house. Sort of like "Restaurant Stakeout" without the appetizers. They know that Santa is watching them, so they are trying to stay off of the naughty list.

And for their lists for Santa keep getting longer and more expensive as the big day draws near. One Direction CDs, skateboards, NES games, remote control helicopters, and whatever else pops up on TV go on the list. Hope I don't have to start selling blood to buy gifts.

How are you handling the season everything that goes with it?