Nintendo DS Launches National Brain Age Challenge At The Retirement Show
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Perhaps you have tried them on line or seen the courses advertised for sale – Brain Training Games to keep you sharper longer!

But do they work?  LiveScience says a new study from the University of Pennsylvania tested commercial brain training programs like Luminosity. The results were illuminating and not what Luminosity and its peers wanted to hear.  Researchers found that people who played the brain-training games later performed no better on memory, attention or other cognitive tests than people who play regular video games.

It seems "brain-training" games may not boost people's overall thinking abilities or help them make "smarter" decisions.  The brain-training volunteers also showed no differences in brain activity during decision-making tasks in a lab, and they were no less likely to make risky or impulsive decisions, as compared to those who played the video games.

Maybe the best way to show how well your brain works is to think twice before buying brain training games!

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