• This weekend is the second annual statewide Animal Shelter Open House event put on by Pawsitive Alliance.

    Pawsitive Alliance is working with 16 animal shelters across the state for this event to promote and help them grow their adopter, donor and volunteer bases.

    Organizers tell KNDO that this past year shelters saw a 25 percent increase in adoptions during this event.

    The Humane Society said these events are great because they try to make adoption more affordable. "We'll be offering adoption discounts on all our dogs and puppies. They will go for $75, and all our cats and kittens will be $25," said Erica Seaver-Engel of the Yakima Humane Society.

    If you want to adopt an animal you can go to the Yakima Humane Society between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

  • The forum is set for 6:00 p.m and will be televised on Y-PAC.

    The event will kick off with the four candidates in the two contested Yakima City Council races. Then a debate will be held on the measure that would require approval from two-thirds of the city council to raise taxes.

    The moderator will be Dave Kearby.

  • A 45-mile stretch of Highway 12 remains closed because of a washout three miles east of the White Pass summit says Summer Deery with the State Department of Transportation.

    She says it is a big closure.

    “It’s closed from the interchange with Highway 410 all the way to Packwood.”

    Geotechnical engineers are working on accessing and drilling to determine if the roadway is safe.

    Deery says the washout measures about 100 feet. There is no estimated time when they will reopen Highway 12.

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Eastern Washington says there are plenty of scammers waiting to take advantage of people signing up for health insurance today.

    BBB spokesperson Chelsea McGuire suggests the best thing to do is be educated before signing up. She says the more you know the better you'll be in protecting yourself from scams.

    “There’s plenty of websites and information at bbb.com to help you understand the new health care plan before you enter the marketplace.”

    McGuire says there are fake websites and e-mails circulating hoping to get your financial and social security information. She says that information should never be given out over the phone no matter what you are doing. If you have questions contact the BBB of Eastern Washington.

  • Attendance at this year's Central Washington State Fair was down nearly 12 percent.

    As expected organizers say it was the cool wet weather that kept a lot of people from visiting the fair.

    All total 269,253 people enjoyed the Central Washington State Fair this year. That compares to last year when 304,769 people attended the fair.

    Fair officials say they're already planning for next years event.

  • A group of Yakima residents and their dogs are helping give comfort to those in hospice and nursing homes.

    Kim Smith Hayes and her dog Packer are part of the group called Love On A Leash. It is a national non-profit organization that certifies dog owners like Smith-Hayes who says it is gratifying work for her and her black lab Packer.

    “It’s just something he and I work really well and I just saw his potential. And I just love to see the interaction of people and animals and what can happen.”

    The group of about 10 Yakima residents and their dogs visit area nursing homes, retirement and hospice centers.

    If you and your dog would like to get involved check out loveonaleash.org.

  • For the first time in the 24 year history of the Great Prosser Balloon Rally not one balloon was launched over the three-day festival.

    Hundreds have come for the event every year for the past 24 years and the folks showed up with their balloons again this year.

    Balloon flyers desperately wanted to launch but the persistent high winds prevented any passengers from enjoying a nice float over the valley.

    Organizers say they'll hope for better weather next year.

  • Transit riders will be able to ride a bus to and from the West Valley Wal-Mart if the Yakima City Council approves the changes to bus routes.

    City Manager Tony O'Rourke says the city is proposing an elimination of service to South 96th Avenue and revision of Route 1 that will extend to South 72nd Avenue.

    O'Rourke says revising the routes will save the city $350,000 each year.

    The city council meets at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday at Yakima City Hall.