Face Book, twitter, Instagram, wherever you go, go where the puppies are and you’ll be a paw ahead to a happy marriage!

Ok, so how does this work?  It’s all about pre-conditioning yourself to have a positive reaction to things.  You could call it an attitude adjustment.

Florida State University researchers focused on a type of conditioning called evaluative conditioning. Test subjects were shown a group of pictures once every three days for six weeks. One group was shown a variety of positive images of their partner that did indeed include those adorable puppies while a second group was shown photos of their partner along with just neutral images.

The results - the group that saw the puppies had more positive automatic reactions  to their partners– another way to put it, they were conditioned to automatically think positive thoughts first in relationship to life circumstances  with their partner and THAT lead to greater improvement in overall marriage satisfaction.  It’s kinda like a spoon full of sugar for your attitude!

Researchers hope their discovery might help soldiers and other people from difficult situations improve their relationships.  (Daily Mail)

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