North Korea continues on a collision course with the USA over its missile development programPolitical solutions continue to shrink as indicated by a Reuters report on Russia’s objection to a United Nations Security Council condemnation of North Korea's latest rocket launch because the U.S.-drafted statement referred to it as an "intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)"  Russia doesn’t recognize the recent rocket as an “ICBM” so they in essence are playing word games with US security at stake.

The Reuters report goes on to say that U.N Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Wednesday “the United States would propose new U.N. sanctions in coming days and warned that if Russia and China did not support the move, then "we will go our own path." She said Washington was ready to use force "if we must."

So where are your fellow Americans on that idea?

Rasmussen polled 1,000 likely voters and found “Voters…strongly believe world leaders need to confront North Korea with military force if necessary to end the rogue communist nation’s push for nuclear weapons. But a growing number say the United States should go it alone if necessary.

Rasmussen reports “ 75% of Likely U.S. Voters think the United Nations and the international community should do more – up to and including military action – to prevent North Korea’s further development of nuclear weapons…up from 57% in January of last year.  Forty-five percent (45%) now believe the United States should use military force to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, an eight-point hike from 37% in March.

It’s a giant game of chicken being played by one of the world’s most unstable rulers.  Stay tuned.

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