Well, this is a good one, it places me personally at the crossroads. It has to do with individuality vs conformity, and a show of respect vs independence.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg began appearing at investor meetings this week, embarking on a so-called "road show" ahead of the social networking giant's upcoming initial public offering (IPO). Zuckerberg has been late or missing meetings completely, and when he does make an appearance, he has been wearing a hoodie. So is that a problem? That is how he dresses in his everyday life. Is the lack of a suit and tie a show of disrespect to those in attendance, or a demand for respect for his individuality?I do not wear a suit and tie to city council meetings.  It seems phony to me.  I consider myself to be an average Joe representing average Joes, so I wear what I wear to work. Is that disrespecting the position or being true to my values?  I’m honestly not sure, but for Zuckerberg, it does not go unnoticed.

His casual fashion statement drew criticism from analyst Michael Pachter, who said in an interview on Bloomberg TV, "Mark and his signature hoodie: He's actually showing investors he doesn't care that much; he's going to be him. I think that's a mark of immaturity. I think that he has to realize he's bringing investors in as a new constituency right now, and I think he's got to show them the respect that they deserve because he's asking them for their money."

For the IPO, the company is expected to price its shares in the $28 to $35 range, with a valuation of $77 billion to $96 billion.

So, do the clothes make the man? Do the ideas make the man? Is fashion a necessity or a social filter? It is interesting to think about.