Thanks, Michael Jackson, thanks for nothing! You and your dancing THRILLER zombies — I blame you!

I am not thrilled that this zombie phenomenon thing has gotten out of hand.  I got “World War Z” — hey, it starred Brad Pitt!  I get the “Resident Evil” series — hey, it stars Milla Jovovich!  I get “Walking Dead,” it is an awesome show.  I even get the Zombie Survival race that my wife and friends ran in last summer.  But that’s about my zombie limit and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the gnarly-moldy-bloody surface of worldwide zombie fascination and proliferation.

So imagine my horror to read this: When the zombie apocalypse comes, you can protect yourself from certain doom by wearing death-scented zombie cologne.

Kidding, right?  Nope.

Chemist Raychelle Burks at Doane College in Nebraska has concocted a disguise that would make the living smell the same as their reanimated counterparts.  The key to the cologne are the two chemicals produced by the body just after death, putrecine and cadaverine. Those two words are all I need to know to say NO.

Those chemicals combined with a little methane would help the living to smell just like the dead, saving them from an onslaught of zombies. (Time)

Marco Secchi/Getty Images