Well, it being summer-time, you can expect to see yard sales all over town. Many people are trying to get rid of their old, unwanted stuff.

Some people aren't buying these things for themselves however, they're buying it for Itzel Cinders.

For a long time last summer, the 8-year-old didn't have much energy and couldn't get rid of a fever. Her family took her to the doctor for answers. At Sunnyside Hospital the doctors told her family that Itzel has leukemia. "Unprepared for any situation like that, they were very devastated," Iztel's Aunt Jaqueline Herrera said. "I mean their lives changed literally within seconds."

The Cinders family brought Itzel to Seattle for chemotherapy. Since then, they have lost practically everything paying for her treatment. But the 8-year-old girl hasn't lost hope. "They get bombarded with issues," Herrera said. "But they get up and say, you know I'm here. And that's what's important."

Even though Itzel is getting stronger, her family still needed help. They couldn't stay at the Ronald McDonald House anymore and got their own apartment on the west side with no money for furniture or anything else. And that's when the Zillah community stepped in. "You can't help but want to give back," Todd Reed said. "And what you receive is so much more gratifying."

And this yard sale has everything from mounds of clothes, to electronics, to miniature Christmas trees. All of it donated for free by the Zillah community. The goal is to raise $10,000 for Itzel and her family. And Itzel has one thing to say to everyone who donates. "I just wanted to say thank you for everybody praying for me and fundraising," Itzel said.

Itzel could use your help as well. If you would like to donate, go to Key Bank in Zillah and ask about the All For Itzel Fund.