This Spring, Yakima Valley Community College will host nature’s compass & psychology survival, a course for outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn more about surviving in nature.

During this course students will learn how to use a watch as a compass, tell time and direction by the Sun and the stars, locate the North Star and discuss its uses, and discover how plants, soils, winds, topography, temperature, humidity, and wildlife can give you directional aids. Students will also learn to interpret map symbols and basic compass use, and will explore the mental aspects of survival, such as developing a positive mental attitude, programing your mind to succeed, and controlling fear, imagination, and stress.

About the instructor: Don Witke is a 23 year veteran in the Yakima County Sheriff Search and Rescue and has taught these concepts to search and rescue personnel, scout groups, and outdoor persons of all ages and abilities. Don is a retired high school teacher and a part-time instructor at YVCC.

Nature’s compass & psychology survival will meet April 4 & 6, 2012 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm in Sundquist Hall, room 109, located on the south side of 16th avenue and Nob Hill blvd.