Here’s something interesting to chew on. The human body is still evolving and Spanish researchers have discovered that over time, the size of humans' teeth has decreased.  That’s right.  Our choppers are shrinking.  My guess is that when the answer to the question “do you want fries with that” is “yes”, the body pays attention and over time backs off on tooth support!  The scientists agree and call this an "evolutionary paradox" and say it could be due to how our diets have changed.

But wait there’s more—at the same time as our teeth are getting smaller, our brains have become larger. Both observations are significant because researchers say, "Brain volume and cheek-tooth size have traditionally been considered as two traits that show opposite evolutionary trends during evolution” Here we show that there is an essential difference between the genus Homo and the living primate species." (Daily Mail)

The folks at WebMD say there are some smart choices we can make to keep a smart brain that can easily be handles with modern man's mini-molars!  Blueberries, Wild Salmon and Avocados to name a few will all keep you sharp and your teeth...well, sharp.  Stay smart and stay hungry my friends.


Three Lions/Getty Images