My wife is a worker. She never rests. On the weekends she is a whirlwind of activity.  I on the other hand am a thinker and a snoozer and I like to chill on the weekends.  That has led to its fair share of conflict which is not what you want on the weekend.  Now it seems there’s data to support her side of the argument as being a better practice.

If you perch on the couch you apparently are more stressed than people who fill up their schedules. To find this, StubHub polled two-thousand people and found that a third of people who said they crammed social events into their schedule felt as if they'd had three days off, while 43-percent of people who spent their weekend relaxing said they had not had enough time away come Monday.

A neuro-

Bill Greene/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

scientist explains that our brains perceive a weekend's length by how many memories spring to mind when we look back. He says, "If you think back to the weekend and no memories of note spring to mind because you had a restful but dull couple of days, then it can seem like it passed in the blink of an eye."

Half of respondents said going out left them feeling happier, and 28-percent said it left them feeling more rested, while a fifth said they felt more positive after going out once they returned to work. (Daily Mail)