In the play The Tempest, Shakespeare first told us that the past is prologue.  In other words, what happened before is the indicator of what will happen in the future and so the question is--What kind of face did you make in your yearbook photo?

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

One U.S. psychologist says the images from your childhood can be used to predict IF you'll get divorced as an adult. To find this, researchers from DePauw University in Indiana measured individuals' emotional displays based on their yearbook photos and then tried to predict which individuals would divorce later in life.

Researchers found that people who smiled least genuinely in their photos were not two, not four but five times more likely to get divorces at some point in their lives than those who were truly happy in their photographs.

However, one researcher says, "Your smile, or lack thereof, is not the great determinant of your destiny. Individual cases will certainly vary."  

Still, it does make me want to find that old yearbook and check up on my classmates…and myself!