Yakima has joined the growing number of counties refusing to keep inmates in jail only at the request of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.  Yakima County Corrections Director Ed Campbell says the decision follows a federal court ruling in an Oregon case. Campbell is not to thrilled with the ruling because he believes it put to much of a burden on local authorities:

"It kind of befuddles me why it's the responsibility of the Sheriff, the Sheriff is just honoring that I.C.E. detention document, like we've all done for years. We took it on good faith that I.C.E. needed those individuals held and they were working through the process. Then the judge says it's not I.C.E. that's going to be held responsible, it's actually the county. "

The ruling caused most counties in Oregon to change their policies.in Washington, Walla Walla,  Kitsap and Thurston counties recently changed their policies. King County stopped complying last year with requests  to detain people suspected of being in the United States illegally.