Farmers, orchardists, and even home gardeners have a vast array of scientific data that they can access to get things growing. But many here in the Yakima Valley use a couple of methods just as reliable: they look at the calendar and the mountains.

Be it up to the second frost data, computer temperature models, and other weather data, many people who make things grow in the Yakima Valley take a more traditional route when it comes to setting out their seedlings. They may plant by phases of the moon, or swear by the Old Farmer's Almanac.

There are two things that a couple of longtime growing experts taught me about when to put out plants so they won't freeze.

One was my late uncle, Marvin Lawrence, a lifelong farmer and rancher. Farming in the lower Yakima Valley, his mantra was "don't put out any seedlings while there is snow on Satus Peak (elevation 4,182) and you won't lose any to frost". It works.

The other comes from Colonial Lawn and Garden's Lance Forsee. He says not to put out any seedlings before Mother's Day. That one works as well.

Are there any gardening superstitions about the Yakima Valley that you swear by? Leave us a comment and share one with us.

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