The Yakima City Council wants to know how you feel about the proposed downtown plaza plan.

City council members voted Tuesday to place an advisory vote on the August 2015 ballot.

City Manager Tony O'Rourke says the city council in March approved the vote and the council set the date last night. He says the council expects to see a concept design in July. Then the council wants time to educate the public on the idea and design.

O'Rourke says after that they hope to hold an advisory vote in August of next year asking city residents what they think about the idea.

Meanwhile the city council Tuesday did not take a vote but did discuss the condition of city pools and what to do in the future.

The council voted to take Fisher Park golf course off the list of possible sites for an indoor facility. Council members are looking at either a new indoor facility or refurbishing Lions pool.

Other proposed locations for a new indoor facility are South 64th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard, 38th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard, 44th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard and on North 16th Avenue.