As reported by KNDO, The Yakima Hard Core Runners Club organized a run/walk on Saturday and around 200 runners and walkers raised more than $4,000 for the victims recovering from the bombings in Boston.

Three women who ran the 2.62 mile run at Sarg Hubbard Park on Saturday also ran the Boston Marathon and they were very near the bomb site as they were collecting their medals and getting water, KNDO reports.

KNDO says that Staci Verbrugge, Kiki Graf and Kristelle Harrington thought the explosions were fireworks or a celebratory cannon until they saw people running and law enforcement make their way in.

Those involved with the run Saturday say they are happy to be a part of the fundraising and contributing to helping with Boston's recovery effort, grateful they made it home to Yakima, KNDO states.

"I feel so fortunate for all of us from Yakima who made it," said Staci Verbrugge. "I think everybody made it across the finish line. I don't think any of us were even stuck out there with those poor people who were stuck not knowing what was going on. I just feel very fortunate. I just wanted to get home and hug my kids."