Yakima Police are searching high and low for a man at the center of an officer involved shooting Friday evening.

KNDO is reporting that around 5:15PM, officers were called out to the area of South 10th Street and East Chestnut Avenue to help DOC officers with serving a warrant for 45-year-old Jack Gallagher, who had been seen in a white vehicle in the area.

Officers found a white Ford Explorer in a driveway in the area and they tried to approach the vehicle, both on foot and in a patrol car.

When the driver of the Ford Explorer heard the officers, he started the Explorer and drove through the yard towards one of the officers that was on foot, to get onto South 10th Avenue.

Two officers fired at the Explorer, but the driver did not stop. He continued north on 10th Street, and then west onto East Chestnut Avenue.

A DOC officer fired at the Explorer, but again the driver did not stop.

The driver headed to the 600 block of East Yakima, where he abandoned the Explorer and ran away on foot. A K-9 unit tried to track the man down, but he was not found.

Nothing was found inside the Explorer to indicate that anyone had been injured. Officers are continuing to search for the driver of the Explorer.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Yakima Police Department at 575-6200.