Right now at any given time there are 5 to 17 marked Yakima Police cars on the street. The Yakima City Council next week will consider a proposal to increase that number to 74.   No, the city is not hiring more officers!  The city is considering giving each patrol officer his or her own car to take home.  Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke says this will save the city on maintenance, increase police presence, and extend the life of each vehicle. "Right now each officer has to check in and check out each vehicle and also get all their equipment and paperwork, wasting 30 minutes a day." "He also says if someone is thinking about doing something bad, there going to think twice, because every time they turn around they will see a black and white patrol car."  The initial cost will be four point seven million dollars. O'Rourke says some of the money has already been set aside by the city, plus the police union has agreed to fore-go cost of living increases for two years to help defray the cost.  The Yakima City Council will consider the proposal at it's next meeting Tuesday nigh.