Yakima code enforcement is back at a Yakima property more than a year after seizing nearly 50 dogs from a Yakima property.

KNDO reports that it is a house that has been a problem for years. Joe Caruso, the Code Administration Manager for the City of Yakima, said they have been to the house on 19th Avenue and Swan multiple times for hoarding dogs and debris.

After the city took nearly 50 dogs from the owner Evelyn Dauenhauer last year she has not been allowed to have more than three dogs. But over the weekend, the city noticed eight or nine on that property.

Since then the owners had the animals removed but Yakima County Animal Control is working on locating the dogs. For violating her limit Dauenhauer could face a stiff fine or even jail time based on her past history.

"We've had opportunities where we've taken dogs out of here," said Caruso. "We've cleaned up the property through the city, lien the property for the cost of the dump fees and also the contractors. It's just something that's ongoing that never stops."

The property owners have also been cited for violating health codes. They have 48 hours to remove multiple RVs from their property and get things cleaned up.

One of the owners said he is trying to cooperate and get the mess under control.