Yakima County is reapplying for a state grant to help prevent gang activity.

The county received the Gang Reduction and Intervention Program (GRIP) grant last year for the cities of Yakima, Toppenish and Sunnyside.

The money is used for social services and education to keep kids in the valley from being involved in gangs.

City officials tell KNDO News that the grant would make it easier for the county to come together and reach that goal.

"We are able to plan together instead of different departments planning separately, so I think that's a real plus. This kind of funding and this kind of forum allows us to create a county gang initiative," said Yakima County Court Administrator Harold Delia.

This year the city of Yakima no longer needs the grant because it is now able to fund gang prevention programs itself.

Toppenish and Sunnyside are applying for a portion of the $400,000 state grant. If they are chosen, the grant will last for the next 21 months.