The City of Yakima is moving toward banning the growth and sale of marijuana, despite the fact that Washington voters approved Initiative 502 which made pot legal last year.  Will Yakima County follow suit?

Yakima County Commisoner Mike Leita says at this point no decision has been made.  He says the county is likely to do one of two things.  "One option is to institute a ban, the other strategy is to treat marijuana as an agriculture product, and we would not create any special ordinances, you can retail it where we allow retain establishments to be and you can grow the product where other products are allowed to be grown in agriculture areas in Yakima County, and we would let the Washington Liquor Control Board regulate it."

Yakima County instituted a six month moratorium on marijuana, that moratorium ends in March. Leita says the counties legal department is looking at the best option before
a decision is made.