Construction projects once on hold are now moving forward in Yakima County. Almost $2-million federal transportation dollars were given to the county last month to fund two projects.

Michelle Long lives only minutes from downtown Selah. One look at the gravel road she lives on and you might think otherwise.

"You need to go pretty slow down this road, especially in the winter,” said Long. “It gets ruts in it and everything so we have to be really careful."

The county has been working to pave Lampe Road and add sidewalks.

It bought a lot of the right of ways, but higher costs on other county projects put this one on the back burner. Dust and a sticky spray to control the dirt frustrate drivers every day.

Neighbors tells our news partner KIMA Action News this gravel road was recently sprayed but if you look off to the side, you can see just how dusty it can get. People who live on this road say improvements are long overdue

Now, this project will be moving again. It opened up after almost $2-million in federal transportation money came in for two other projects already being paid for by the county.

Specifically for work on South Naches and Beaudry Roads.

County engineers say that frees them up to use the county money on projects like Lampe Road.

"Construction costs are way up so our dollars just don't go as far as they used to 10-years ago,” said Yakima County Engineering Manager Mark Brzoska.

The money also allows the county to start preliminary work on Taylor Road months earlier than expected. Michelle likes where this is going.

"We're just right up the street from the city so it's about time they get this road work done,” said Long.

And, her ride will eventually get a lot smoother. Construction on Lampe Road is expected to start next year.