25 years ago the Yakima City Council voted to ban pit bulls. Now the city is revisiting the ban at the request of a citizens committee. Many pit bull owners feel a breed specific ban is unfair and doesn't improve public safety. One such resident is Becky Pasqua, who  urged the council to lift the ban and enforce the existing dangerous dog laws."Give our animal control officers a bit more power to use their common sense, and make a determination whether a dog is dangerous just based on the dog itself, and not its genetics."
Some people testified in favor of keeping the ban including Doug Robinson, whose daughter Darla and unborn grandchild were killed by her own pit bulls while she lived in California. "I just can't emphasize the fact that she really believed in pit bulls, and she just thought these dogs needed a break and yet it ended her life.

By a 6-1 vote the council voted to study the issue more before voting on whether or not to lift the ban. Bill lover, who supports the ban, was the lone dissenter in the vote.