According to KAPP, some churches across the nation are now offering gun classes and training for those interested in the safe use of firearms and that list includes the Open Bible Christian Center in Yakima. It may be odd for some to see gun training offered in the same place that offers Bible classes and "All Church Prayer," but that is just what is necessary for these changing times, according to church member Sheila Ryan.

"It is unusual, but the days are a little different today...I think more people are thinking about being prepared."


Other church members say they hope they do not have to use a gun in the future, but want to know how to use one properly and safely if a scenario arises.

Having the knowledge and training in a city like Yakima is especially important to feel safer, according to Pat Tucker.

"It seems like Yakima is having more and more things that are going on here...I think we all need to learn  to be safe and protect ourselves."

The Yakima church says it is one out of about 12 other ministries in the nation they know of that offers this kind of class.